• Racism Gospel Tract

    Racism Gospel Tract- Racism is STILL running rampant!

    Racists need to repent and be saved, as well! What are you doing, to reach them?
  • Gospel Signs

    Gospel Signs- Reach out to hundreds at a time!

    Plant yourself near a busy intersection and watch how many people you reach!
  • Sandwich Boards

    Sandwich Boards- Be a BOLD and UNASHAMED WITNESS FOR JESUS!

    Want to see just how UNASHAMED OF JESUS you are? Put on one of these in a PUBLIC PLACE!
  • Bible Trivia Gospel Tract

    Bible Trivia Gospel Tract- Reach out to all of those "Bible Experts"!

    We all have at least 1 or 2 "Bible Experts". Help them humble themselves, today!
  • Lady Gaga Gospel Tract

    Lady Gaga Gospel Tracts- Reach out to Lady Gaga concert goers!

    Lady Gaga is quickly becoming a very popular entertainer. Thousands of people go to her concerts every year and they need Jesus!
  • WWJD Gospel Tract

    WWJD Gospel Tracts- Do you need a REALLY BOLD Gospel Tract?

    Are you reaching out to people who need to be awakened from their sin? Then they need the hard truths of God's Word!
  • Bulk Order Tracts

    Bulk Gospel Tract Orders- Do you buy and hand out LOTS of Gospel Tracts?

    Why not save some money then? This will also give you a chance for follow-up, since we can put your website on the back for free!
  • Custom Tract

    Custom Design Gospel Tracts- Do you have a great idea for a Gospel Tract?

    Then we can help you out! Get your own, personalized Gospel Tract created today! Put your creativity into reaching the lost.
  • Phone Order

    Place An Order Over The Phone- Not computer savy? Want to actually talk to someone?

    Don't feel comfortable placing an order on the internet? Why not give us a call and place an order over the phone instead?
  • Beautiful Gospel Tract

    Beautiful Gospel Tract- Do you want to reach the immodest women in your life?

    Are you surrounded by immodest women who you want to reach with the truth? Place an order for some "Beautiful Tracts" today!
  • Music Gospel Tracts

    Music Gospel Tracts- Tracts to help you reach the Music Lover in your life.

    We have tracts to help you reach the Rock, Rap, R & B and Pop Music Lovers in your life. Go to a concert and pass out a bunch!
  • Church Tracts

    Custom Church Tract- A Custom Tract designed specifically for your local Church.

    We will put all of your Church information on the tract as well as a customized local map to help people find your Church.

Welcome to PinPoint Gospel Tracts

Are you a Christian? If so, what are YOU doing to reach the lost? YOU DO understand that the Lord Jesus Christ has given us a Great Commission to obey, right? Are YOU obeying Christ's command to reach the lost? Jesus said that YOU show YOUR love for Him by obeying Him (John 14:15). Do YOU REALLY believe in an eternal place of torment called Hell? Do YOU really believe that YOUR non-Christian family members, YOUR non-Christian friends, YOUR non-Christian co-workers and the non-Christian complete strangers that you walk by will go there? If so, what are YOU doing about it? If YOU love them, YOU WILL do/say something! One of the easiest ways to get started obeying the Great Commission is by handing out Gospel Tracts. You might be fearful at first, but you can do it. Anyone can give out Gospel Tracts! ANYONE! Get Started Today!

What People Are Saying

"Kerrigan, I am a BIG believer in your printing/designing skills. Your abilities are extremely well honed and show themselves with each project you take on. More people need to know how good PinPoint is!"
-David W. from Canada

"That is the best gospel tract I have ever got. I receive gospel tracts from Living Waters but the Got Fruit tract is the best I have ever had a breakthrough with in evangelism. Please ship me more of them."
-Belmon from Africa in an email to John M. from Kentucky

"My apologies for not thanking you sooner, but the Ipod tracts came in and look great!!! I have been using them frequently and giving many out to my friends to hand out. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, brother, for all your hard work."
-Jeremy from Florida

"Hello! I just received the custom tracts that I ordered from you. I am so very impressed! Fast shipment and a great product. I will without a doubt do business with you again. Thank you so very much. I'm hitting the streets tomorrow to pass some of these out. God bless you and your ministry. We will talk again soon...."
-Ty from Tennessee

"Hi Kerrigan, I received the tracts last night. They are every bit as high quality as you said they would be. What a great price you are offering them at. Thanks brother for the awesome blessing that your ministry is to the Kingdom."
-Ray from Florida

"We received the Japanese tracts with a couple of days to spare! Thank you so much; they've been a great hit here in Japan! God bless you!"
-Christine A. from Arizona

"Just wanted to let you know I received the tracts yesterday, they are AWESOME! Thanks brother for helping us and together we will reach many of the unreached in Japan for the Lord. Thanks a million! God bless you!"
-Dave R. from Arizona

"I just want to let you know that your company is a HUGE blessing to the Christian community. Before finding your site, I was about to spend about $180 at Christianbooks.com to buy 1800 tracts. That would have gotten me through a little more than 2 weeks of distributing 100 tracts each day. However, with your tracts costing just $220 for 10,000, I will be set for more than 3 months. Thank you dearly for helping others to spread the Gospel. May God continue to bless you!"
-Ebony T. from California

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PinPoint Gospel Tracts

PinPoint Gospel Tracts is a Gospel Tract ministry that desires to equip Christians with quality, inexpensive, unique and effective Gospel Tracts. We want to help you be more effective in reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We are just a family of nobodies striving to tell everybody about THE SOMEBODY who came save anybody who will Repent of their sins and Trust in the Savior. We are just servants of Christ and servants of men who want to help other Christians...

Three Of Our Most Popular Gospel Tracts

YOLO Gospel Tract

"YOLO Gospel Tract"
A gospel tract that was created to help reach this generation of young people.

God Loves You Gospel Tract

"God Loves You Gospel Tract"
A gospel tract that was created to help people understand what God's Love is REALLY like.

Charles Finney Million Dollar Bill Tract

"Charles Finney Million Dollar Bill Tract"
A money tract with a very thorough message on the back of it. People will ask for more!

All Gospel Tracts
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